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What a scorcher it has been!

Welcome to our end of summer blog. What a scorcher this summer has been and here at Equus HQ we’ve embraced the recent warm weather as it means we can take full advantage of our wonderful setting and welcome a few new things to the yard.

We are thrilled that the facilities we offer at Equus are growing as we are now fortunate to have been loaned the use of a catering hut from the generous people at Blackdown Shepherd Huts based near Ilminster. Some of our young people enjoy cooking and find it very therapeutic which in return feed the work force at Blackdown. We now have use of this facility and our young people are learning valuable life skills which will hopefully help them in the future. We are very grateful for the hut and our young people seem to be enjoying working at the ‘Shepherds Spoon’.

Despite the school summer holidays our human and equine team have been busy brushing up on our horse handling and first aid skills.

In August we welcomed Victoria Coombs, an Equine Bowen practitioner to the yard. Victoria gave us some support in natural horsemanship which we found very interesting and hope to incorporate the skills learnt into our sessions. Natural horsemanship uses methods said to be derived from observations of the natural behaviour of free roaming horses and developing a rapport with the horse to work with us, which is an approach we have adopted to use on our yard. Victoria also gave us an in-site into Equine Bowen, which is a natural, non-intrusive hands on therapy which can help reduce tension, ease pain, and relax the body in both humans and animals. Our lovely boy Chance, who has been suffering with some old back and leg problems, enjoyed the treatment and looked very relaxed. We will be welcoming Victoria back to the yard very soon for more training and treatments.

Ian from Medi-K who are a specialist equine rider first aid company also visited the yard during the summer and gave our human team the knowledge and skills needed to deal with an emergency. It was a very enjoyable day and the team passed with flying colours!

As you may have seen in the recent press, The Children’s Society has just released figures that say that 1 \4 girls and 1\10 boys aged 14 years and younger self harm. I’m sure you all agree that these are devastating figures but sadly something we see far too often. As we prepare to welcome our young people back after the summer break we hope that the agency’s that are calling for a councillor to be available in every school becomes mandatory.  However, as many of the young people we see here at Equus are not always in an educational setting for various reasons, we ask ‘does society as a whole need to do more to change?’ We think so. One child who spoke to The Children’s Society said, “being a young person now feels like you’ve got to be the person society has created”. Often our sessions reveal the social pressures young people face today and the ‘perfect mould’ that they feel they must fit. Obviously, this isn’t a new issue, but with the recent figures at an all-time high shouldn’t we be asking ‘how much more can young people take?’ As a facilitator offering services to young people we encourage children not to be ashamed if they don’t see themselves as fitting the perfect mould of society. We try to encourage individuality and for young people to talk about their feelings and break down the barriers associated with self-harm.

For anyone reading this and needing more support please do feel free to contact us, alternatively;

  • Childline (0800 1111) is available 24 hours a day.
  • Young Minds Uk (0808 8025544) one of the leading charity’s supporting young peoples mental health.