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To Blog or not to Blog???…..

So, the creative genius’ over at Teapot Creative, the clever bods who have sorted out a website for us, have suggested blogging is the way forward. That it is a great tool to connect with the outside world and let everyone know about the wonderful things that happen here at Somerset Equus.

Well, that I believe, however, I can’t help but have a niggling reservation;

Seamus helping a young person learn how to feel calm.

My reservation is, our work here is real. We deal with real life young people, some of whom have been through the most appalling experiences, have been so let down by those who were supposed to nurture, care and protect them. Those who are struggling with mental health issues that leave these brave souls feeling battered and exhausted. Daily.  Others whose past traumas or even current traumatic circumstances leave them feeling there is nothing else to do but hit out at everything and everyone near them.

I am certainly not concerned with offending anyone with the stories that I have permission to share, but will this Blogging malarky turn it into something else? Will these experiences be read and felt by the reader? Or will they be just a quick read to fill up someone’s tea break? You see, for me, the latter is not enough. I feel that if these young people are brave and generous enough to share with us their lives, their secrets, their thoughts and feelings, we need to be able to take it forward. By that I mean, not having a quick read and forgetting about it. Instead, keeping those words in your mind when you see a young person being excluded, or experimenting with drugs and alcohol, or behaving in such a way that is ‘attention seeking’. (A phrase that upsets me greatly by the way….of course they are seeking attention, they are trying to tell us stuff!!!) Take it forward when you go home to your own children. Be proud of yourselves that you are providing loving environments that nurture and grow well rounded, caring individuals.

Well my first attempt has gotten a little deeper than I’d realised it would… So you tell me. Should I Blog, or not Blog?….